Sonawane, Sharma, and Tetarbe: Coronanxiety

With the global outbreak of Corona Virus since the end of 2019, not only the pandemic affect the people with the virus, but it has also affected them psychologically by deterioting their mental health. Difficult times were made worse by the pandemic. The pandemic has had a negative impact on the people, bot financially and psychologically, and in such situation comes anxiety, contributing towards mental health instability.

With the print, electronic and social media being flooded by advisories issued from government and different agencies, it has become worse for people with obsessive compulsive disorder, as they are living in the fear of contamination and excessive watching of hands.1

It is extremely important to look for ourselves during this anxiety driven pandemic. Look for signs like increased focus on bad news, irregular or poor sleep, suicidal thoughts or tendency, worsening of previously existing chronic conditions, constant fear of catching Corona Virus, if they think they might be suffering from Corona Anxiety. It is observed that substance abuse, suppression of anxiety and negative emotions result in psychological burden.2 If an individual identifies the symptoms of anxiety or depression, consulting a doctor should be made a priority because professional help can alleviate the mental illness.

COVID-19 patients are living with fear and helplessness. Majority of the patients who are in Quarantine have developed negative feelings. Stigma and uncertainty of viral disease progression are two main concerns expressed by COVID-19 patients. Patients have experienced significant psychological distress, specially during hospitalization and the levels of depressive features may be related to the inflammation markers in these patients.3 It is not only important to address the psychiatric symptoms for COVID-19 patients, attention should be paid to patient perceived stigma and coping strategies when delivering psychological interventions.

Even the health care workers are reeling under the psychological affects caused by the Corona Virus. It is observed that the incidence of stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, and insomnia has increased during the pandemic and it is important to regularly screen the medical personnel involved in treating, diagnosing patients with COVID-19 for evaluating stress, depression and anxiety.4

Living with uncertainty and apprehension about what's to come next has led to fear and anxiety among everyone. In these difficult times, it is important to overcome the intense, excessive and persistent worry about everyday situations. Corona Virus might go away with awareness, proper treatment and vaccination, but anxiety will last long. It is often observed that in certain situations anxiety might provoke panic attacks, and interfere with the daily activities of an individual. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, having social contacts, acceptance of anxiety and negative emotions, fostering self-efficacy, and seeking medical attention or professional help when needed, seem of help.

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