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Author : Ankit Jivan Desai, Gayathri G.V, D.S. Mehta

Doi :   Page No : 17-23

A brief review on dhoop and its properties

Author : Bhavna Sahu, Shweta Dutta, Saraswati Prasad Mishra, Satyendra Khute, Lokesh Kumar, Anshita Gupta Soni, Kirti Dewangan

Doi :   Page No : 3-9

Facility level preparedness of Urban Primary Health Centres (UPHCs) for Urban Health and Nutrition Day (UHND) in Vadodara, Western India

Author : Kedar Mehta, Chandresh Pandya, Paragkumar Chavda, Dipak Solanki

Doi :   Page No : 10-14

“Study of self-medication pattern among adults in Tumkur city”

Author : Swetha R, Usha Rani

Doi :   Page No : 13-16

Socio-clinical profile of burn patients: An experience from a tertiary care center in West Bengal

Author : Sinjita Dutta, Abhishek De, Sita Chattopadhyay, Mausumi Basu, Raghunath Misra

Doi :   Page No : 6-9

Assessment of infrastructure at government healthcare facilities for providing family welfare services in Odisha

Author : Srimannarayan Mishra, Bibhuti Bhusana Panda, Tapaswini Mishra, Trilochan Sahu

Doi :   Page No : 4-7

Hemovigilance in India: Corrective action towards safety of blood transfusion

Author : Avisek Dutta, Anupam Banerjee, Sunil Chaudhry

Doi :   Page No : 66-71

Knowledge and practice of foot care amongst diabetic patients attending a tertiary care hospital of Kolkata, India

Author : Sita Chatterjee, Mausumi Basu, Kajari Bandyopadhyay, Abhishek De, Sinjita Dutta

Doi :   Page No : 15-21

Comparison of Lipid and Thyroid Profile among non-obese, overweight and obese children of 4-14 years age group

Author : Seema Lekhwani, Kapil Bhalla, N D Vaswani, Vijay Sarup, Veena Singh Ghalaut, Ragini Singh

Doi :   Page No : 8-12

Health profile of cotton mill workers

Author : Neeta PN, Prashanth N, Gangadhar Goud

Doi :   Page No : 52-55

A study on the knowledge and attitude towards HIV/AIDS among pre-university students

Author : Neeta PN, Sandeep S, Sanjay KR, Raaghu K, Ranjith K

Doi :   Page No : 31-36

“Nutritional status assessment of under five children in urban field practice area of Mysore”

Author : Roopadevi V, Aravind Karinagannanavar

Doi :   Page No : 1-3

Incidence of macrovascular complications in newly diagnosed diabetics

Author : Leena Firmal, Avinash Sudan, KS Butola

Doi :   Page No : 33-35

Better Healthcare and Nutrition: Applications of Genetics

Author : Siddhant Jhawar

Doi :   Page No : 28-29

A study on Hand washing practices among mothers of under-five children in urban slums

Author : Arun Vijay Paul R, Kalidas P

Doi :   Page No : 34-40

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